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Schott Limousin Ranch has been raising limousin cattle for more than 30 years.  We host a Production Bull Sale the third week of March.
Schott Limousin was one of the first ranches to take advantage of the legendary bulls that were brought over from france.  Bulls like Earthquake were used on our Commercial Herd and that crossbreeding and hybrid vigor brought incredible weaning weights to our calves.  
As you can see by the videos on our website and the various pages, we are a diverse operation that embraces technology.  We DNA test for the new markers like Myostatin F94 muscle gene as well as the Homozygous traits.  We have ultra sounded our bulls for years and have had enormous success in the SDSU carcass tests comparing other breeds.  Not only was Schott Limousin Genetics the most profitable but also the most tender beef in these trials.
Schott Limousin prides itself in the people that we serve.  Our montra,"Where a handshake and ones word still holds value" is a testament to the guarantee we offer with our bulls.  We raise traditional muscled Limousin grown with quality and care,  perfected from pasture to market.  All grown by the Schott family.  Limousin Bulls and Beef you can count on!
Old West Values..... Modern Day Genetics!!